Kansas Fest

This whole week is just me wishing I was there.  I anxiously await the Kansas Fest report on csa2 each day.  Its not like being there, but as close as I can get at this time.

Warren Ernst on csa2, suggested a InCider, 30th anniversary reading club.  Apple2Online has images of all the issues of InCider magazine and he suggested each month we read the issue from 30 years ago and discuss it.  It sounded like fun to me.


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Another No Slot Clock

Last night I ordered another No Slot Clock chip for my Apple //e.  I had planned to buy one last fall when I got one and tried it out on my Apple //c.  This one was about 65 cents cheaper with the free shipping included.

I also ordered another 25, 5 1/4 inch diskettes, since the //e doesn’t have a 3.5 inch drive.  I’ve had the //e for many years, but not used it much. Now that I have it out I think I’ll explore the differences between it and the //c.


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I’m Back

I’m back.  I have no special reason or excuse for not posting, I just haven’t posted in a day under a month.  I signed into Daily Apple to find 2,308 comments, or more accurately spam.  After spending about twenty minutes manually deleting the first 300 I signed up for Akismet.  It kind of choked on the pile of spam but after several tries finally took care of it.  The whole process took a little over of thirty minutes.

Anyhow, suspecting my Apple //c has memory problems, I dug out my Apple //e.

If you’ve had occasion to use both a //c and a //e you will know there is quite a bit of size difference.  Mine is about 4 inches wider and 6 inches deeper.  Add to that the //e does not have an internal diskette drive, my two duodisk drives add 6 inches to the height.  After working on my little //c the //e seems huge.

I ran Master Diagnostics //e on both the regular memory and the extended memory and both times it stopped at F000-F800, just like it did on my //c.  Maybe the //c doesn’t have a memory problem.

The last game I tried on the Apple //c was Flapple Bird.  I tried it on the //e and it runs beautifully.  I don’t know why it doesn’t run on my //c but this is the same diskette that I tried on the //c and it works on the //e.  I am glad the //c may not have a memory problem as I would miss the storage capacity of the two 800K drives.

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Flapple Bird – Memory?

I went to the Flapple Apple github website and downloaded the latest version.  I moved a copy through ADTPro to my Apple //c and tried that again today.

I was thinking after the last post that maybe I was having some sort of memory problem, but I had to try downloading one last time.  It didn’t work so it was time to check the computer itself.

I have an Apple //c diagnostics diskette, Master Diagnostics //c, that I downloaded from somewhere so I loaded it up and ran it. The computer seems to run okay, but maybe the problem is in an area of memory that is not used all the time.  I chose to run the RAM Tests (4) and an Auto test of Auxiliary Ram (4) and it stopped at RAM F000-F800.  I rebooted and ran it again with the same results.

That at least gives me a place to start.





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Flapple Bird – Retry Again

In my last post, I went back to ADTPro 1.2.8, downloaded Flapple Bird and tried running it, only to have it lock up.

Since that didn’t work, I downloaded ADTPro 2.0.0 and redownloaded Flapple Bird.  That didn’t work either.

With that result, I am stumped.  I have gone to his blog where I downloaded the game and he even has a video of it running on an Apple //c.  It won’t run on mine.



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Flapple Bird – Retry

The last time I had a chance to try Flapple Bird, I downloaded it using ADTPro 2.0.0 both in the 140 K image and the 800 K image and both images would boot ProDOS 8 v1.8 and stop at the title screen.

I wondered if maybe it was a problem with ADTPro 2.0.0.  I had recently upgraded to ADTPro 2.0.0 from 1.2.8 and this was the second set of diskettes that I’ve had problems with since the upgrade.  It was easier to think it was the upgrade rather than something wrong with my Apple //c.

In order to double check this I went back to ADTPro 1.2.8.  I followed the instructions for starting from bare metal and had a couple of missteps (In step 4 it says type IN#2and CTRL-A14B, but does not mention pressing return after each), but managed to get setup again with ADTPro 1.2.8.  I downloaded Flapple Bird 140 K image and tried it out, only to have it stop at the title screen for ProDOS 8 again.  I tried the 800K image again, with the same results.

This is good and bad.  I really like one of the features of the newer version of ADTPro 2.0.0 which lets you choose from a list of files when recieving rather than typing the filename you want.

On the other hand, now I don’t know why I can’t get Flapple Bird to run; or Robotron 2084 either.


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Flapple Bird

I’ve seen several postings announcing Flapple Bird, an arcade style game for the Apple II.  I looked at the posted video and was intrigued.

I downloaded it to my Linux laptop and tried it in AppleWin and liked it.  I downloaded it to my windows desktop and played it there for a while.  Now it was time to play it on my Apple //c, so I loaded up ADTPro 2.0.0 and downloaded the 140k version.  When I booted the disk it would go through the boot of ProDOS 8 version 1.8 and stop.  I tried a couple of different diskettes with exactly the same result.  I tried downloading them to the other diskette drive, again with the same result.

I tried the 800K diskette image and my first diskette had a bad spot.  Second disk downloaded OK, but stopped in the same place with the ProDos screen showing the version.

Thinking about it now, I haven’t been able to download and run any disk image since I switched from 1.2.8 to 2.0.0 so I am going to try going back to 1.2.8 and try that in the morning.

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I’ve spent the last few days working on a Macintosh project and starting a new blog and website.

The project involved my attempt to upgrade the memory in my Macintosh SE.  It has 2MB and I was going to upgrade it to 4MB.  You can read more about it at the new blog (http://www.vintage.excited-geek.com/blog/), but the short story is I was not able to upgrade the memory in the SE.  The memory will be used in a future upgrade to my Macintosh Plus, so it won’t go to waste.

The new website is where I will combine my vintage computer interests (http://www.vintage.excited-geek.com/) and doesn’t have much on it yet.

The new blog will be for combining my Macintosh and PDP 11 interests.  This blog will continue as it is.

I list my posts to twitter @dailyappleii and @vintageeg.


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Robotron 2084, ‘New Apple 2c user needs help plz’

Robotron 2084 was downloaded from MacGui as well.  I tested it in AppleWin and one of the early screens shows the keyboard commands.

I downloaded it to my Apple //c using ADTPro 1.2.8 onto a disk I have used before.  When I booted it on my Apple //c it jumped into the monitor at 9D86.

I tried it again and noticed I had 1.2.8 on my PC and 1.2.7 on my Apple //c.  The same thing happened jumping into the monitor at the same address.

I didn’t think the slight difference in versions would make a difference but, there is a new version of ADTPro, 2.0.0.  I downloaded it to both my PC and Apple //c.  One really nice change from 1.2.7 to 2.0.0 is you can press enter when asked for a file to receive and get a list of available files to choose from.

I downloaded Robotron again and the same thing happened.  I tried the other side of the disk, same results.

I tried another disk on the internal diskette drive, this one comes up with the right square bracket (]) for a prompt.  CATALOG got me another prompt.  I moved the diskette to the external drive and downloaded it again.  I got the square bracket again, but when I did a CATALOG I got the ERROR #8 message.

This brings me to the same point as Xybots who posted the original question.  Reproduced, but not solved.



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Galaxians, ‘New Apple 2c user needs help plz’

Prompted by a posting on MacGui ,’New Apple 2c user needs help plz’.

I downloaded Galaxians from MacGui to my Windows PC.  It is a .GZ file, so I extracted the disk image with 7-Zip.

Starting up AppleWin, I booted Galaxians, an arcade style game.  It looks very similar to the original arcade game, which I used to play many years ago.  The only key that appeared to do anything, was the left alt key which fires the gun.  The game seemed to run fine on AppleWin and not having a joystick, I didn’t bother to download it to my Apple //c.

It turns out I misread the post and that game worked for him.  The one that did not work was Robotron 2084.  I’ll get into that next post.


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